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France Visa Application in Nigeria: Guidelines and Requirement

France Visa Application in Nigeria: Guidelines and Requirement.

France Visa Application in Nigeria… Bienvenu! Know any one of the French speaking countries in the world? It’s France! I have a friend who would die to visit France, she’s a French freak, you can say, and what’s more to it, French men are considered to be really romantic with their sugar coated tongue. Ha-ha, I didn’t say that.

France Visa Application in NigeriaFrance Visa Application in Nigeria

Before we rush down, you need to know a little on the geographical regions surrounding France. France is a country in Western Europe with its capital as Paris. Having extended from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean is the European or metropolitan area of France and having its population an average of 67 million people as at January 2017.

Visiting France from Nigeria can be a whole new kind of experience and adventure, with the tower Eiffel (most famous tower in the world), the Louvre, the Arc Triomphe, the Disneyland and a whole lot, and you know that Paris is the best and most popular place to spend a vacation right? That could only mean it’s not such a bad idea traveling to France, which is why I am putting you through all you need to know about travelling to France on a magic carpet ride.


The first thing to do is to;

  1. Get an international passport: Your eligibility to travel to any country cannot be until you have an international passport. As a Nigerian who wishes to embark on this journey to France, you are advised to visit the nearest immigration office close to you and apply to get an international passport and if you are a foreigner who wishes to apply for France visa in Nigeria, you are advised to use your home country passport.
  2. Get a registration form: you should visit the online registration portal, print the form and then fill in the necessary details. You can do so by visiting www.visaservices.firm you can also download the questionnaire and fill out all the required data.
  3. REGITRATION FORM SUBMISSION: you can visit any VSF centers to do so with the accurately filled form ad questionnaire backed up with all the requirements. You will undertake your biometric test and a receipt will be issued to you as proof which you will be required to pay off as part of your services.

Note: you are expected to apply for a visa to France prior the entry if you’ll be staying for a short period of time if you come from a country with a visa requirement for entering France.

Visa application can be submitted by:

  • Applicants or
  • For minors (children below 18) by parents or legal guardians.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa to visit a particular Schengen country, please contact that concerned country’s Embassy. The issue of Schengen visas is discretionary and depends on examination of each individual case, including purpose of visit and intention to return.

Categories of short term visas are;

    • Business Visa
    • Tourist Visa
    • Family/ Friend Visa
    • Airport Transit
    • French Overseas Territories
  • Visa Application Submission Time:

08.00 am to 14.00 pm (From Monday to Friday, except declared Holidays)

  • Passport Collection Time:

14.30 pm to 16.00pm (From Monday to Friday, except declared Holidays)

France Visa processing Fee (equivalent to 60 Euros in Naira) as well as VFS service fee (Naira 5625 inclusive of VAT) will be paid at implant bank, located at the application centre only.

Documentation requirements with regard to visa application will remain same.


  • The original copy and photocopy of your international passport which must be valid for a period of at least 6 months after your stay with 3 consecutive pages.
  • If you have traveled to other countries like US, UK, Canada, Japan and Schengen countries, you will be expected to make copies of at least 2 of their passport data pages.
  • 1 colored 3.5mmx4.5mm passport photograph taken recently and must have a plain white background.
  • Applicant’s proof of employment, leave letter from a company where the applicant works, his or her salary, the date the applicant is expected to return to work must be clearly stated, and whether leave allowance was paid to the applicant or not.
  • Financial statement and copies of last financial transaction tellers (where applicable).
  • If the applicant has no or insufficient personal income, his spouse has to provide his or her own in place of the applicant’s so as to meet the requirement regarding financial status.
  • A copy of incorporation letter from corporate affairs commission (CAC) if the applicant is traveling on a business trip.
  • A receipt/proof of present return flight ticket and hotel reservation.
  • Applicants must also submit a proof of invitation by the French Company if he’s traveling on a business purpose.
  • You are also advised to submit a copy of medical insurance from Schengen countries covering the length of stay and hospital care.


Applicants who are below 18 are expected to submit the following documents;

  1. Parent’s approval of travel
  2. Birth certificate of such applicant
  3. A copy of guardian or parents valid identity card

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