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how to use this blog



please pay attention as i give you step by steps guide from here

to start. step 1> Go to ur browser and input this link to visit the website

step 2> How do i login to the website and start using it

answer? to login type to bring you into the login page as u can see

login using the username> admin and password 08136810050@ as shown u will change it from ur end later

here is what u see once u logged in

here is the dashboard of your website all the settings and configuration takes place here

expanation of the features u seen know.

first thing at the top is the home icon where u see 24hrsupdate media u can visit the site fro their by clicking on visit site.

next stage is post> here is where you can write a content to post on the website when you click on the post u see

All post, Add new, Categories and Tags

explanation of the link above.

All post> these will show you all the post you have posted and published on the website allready click on it to see

Add new> here is where u can write new content and publish to do so click on add new you will see

the space add title is where you can add the heading for the content u are trying to post for example. how to start blogging > this is know the title to the content am about to write

and the content know is the what is blog as u can see on the screen short

that is how it goes

Next thing u see is feature headline is optional the featured headline is the samething with the title of the content just click on the featured headline and input the heading title also as u can see bellow

Next stage is adding category that matched the content you have writing

look at the write corner of the blog you will see post and block and equally publish click on the post and srow down u will see categories click on it and select any one your content matched

here i selected news, that content i writing know will be showing under the news category

Next is the image> to add image to the article you writing for instance i want to post about blogging i will go to google and download image on “how to start blogging” to my system or phone and upload iton the featured image and publish so that that visitors will click on that displayed image and then read my content about how to start blogging as you can see bellow

just scrow down you will see featured image click on it and upload the file that is the image u have downloaded inside your phone or system about that content your posting, for here i selected image on how to start blogging fro my device as you can see

Next is to click on set featured image click on it and then publish

that is all very simple just follow the steps and be doing it,enjoy blogging you can view the post immediatly as you published it by clicking on view post

NOTE> if you wish to delete any post just click on trash or move to trash

l very simple just follow the steps and be doing it,enjoy blogging

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