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Ashes Gozie Ewuzie eulogizes Chief Ebuka Onunkwo at 51




HRH Igwe Ebuka Onunkwo..
Ezeigbo Benin Republic is 51, quite an age that seems like yesterday. Youthful, kind-hearted, sincere and a great philanthropist..

Eze Igbo, your success is what people usually talk about but greater and tougher was the journey…

HRH, knowing you have been a huge motivation for me. Your daily conduct to your strict work ethics, even as a teenager, were the solid foundation you laid for your story today.

From your very humble and small beginning, to having to worry about your school fees and upkeep to whom you are today, these are the testaments that hardwork truly pays.

Despite being the most intelligent student in your set, you suddenly left school to the chagrin of all your mates due to circumstances beyond your control but yet you were not deterred. You tilled and toiled and still fulfilled that education you almost missed and to top it all, you became a success in all facets of life. A family man per excellence, a quintessential gentle man, an accomplished Industrialist and a philanthropist with largest of hearts.

GwoGwo as I fondly called you back in the days, In 1999, when you talked about financing your local Secondary school, it was like a tall order and dream but today, you have lifted the school to a level beyond contemporary schools around. As they say, people only see success but not many knew the story behind the success. Many didn’t know that you were once a trader. A trader who started with nothing but hard work and perseverance saw you through.

Despite achieving wealth and fame through sweat and blood, your aim today and always is to lift people from poverty. You worked day and night to ensure that no one around you goes through that same tough road you passed through.

Igwe, as you celebrate your birthday, my family and I wish you the best of everything life can give. The love and support you dish out shall be replenished in million folds..

You shall live to see the fruit of your labour and May heaven continue to answer your prayers in Jesus name. Amen

Happy birthday my good friend EzeIgbo Gburu Gburu…..CEO SEAHORSE LTD


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