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United Arab Emirates (UAE) finally conceded Seven landing slots to Air Peace Nigeria.



In addition, the UAE has equally granted the Nigerian carrier the permit to fly directly to Dubai instead of initial approval for Air Peace to land at Sharjah Airport only.

According to sources, the General Civil Aviation Authority sent a December 13th, 2021 letter directly  to Air Peace, a move experts considered a breach of protocol. Though the Federal  Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not copied in the letter, the Federal Government was said to have received the letter.

An Aviation  source said that “As at 7pm, the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates wrote to Air Peace to come and take seven slots with a permission to fly directly to Dubai and not Sharjah Airport.

The source also said that there is no official communication banning any airline from conveying Nigerians to Dubai, and described such only existing in the realm of rumours. The source said; “I don’t think it is true. No official communication banning Nigerians from entering Dubai through other carriers. If anybody has such a directive, let him or her produce it. It will be in gross violation of international civil aviation regulations.

“The Federal Government got no such information at the diplomatic or official level. I think with the latest concessions,  the UAE was trying to avoid a diplomatic row with Nigeria. We also do not want any row with the UAE.”

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